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yugioh_cards's Journal

The Yu-Gi-Oh card community.
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Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game community. This community is for all of those that play the game, collect the cards, etcetera. Talk about strategies, post your deck, post your impressive card list, ask questions. Whatever strikes your fancy. We're not above talking about the show, I mean, come on, obnoxious Celtic Guardian..?

T H E  R U L E S

Every community has them. We're no exception. But we don't have many.

[01] Be nice. There's no need to argue and fight on here. There may eventually be younger people joining, and I don't want a lot of undue conflict.

[02] Be mature. If you're old enough to know better, then you'd better prove it.

[03] Stay on topic. We don't need discussion about My Little Ponies or whatever on here. I also don't want too much discussion about Duel Masters.. I dislike that system.

[04] Respect other members. Simple enough.

[05] unchainthewolf, Charli, (me, haha) is the mod. Feel free to come to me for whatever it is you need/want.

[06] Have fun. Now you have to, because it's a rule. <3

[07] I may require a co- mod, should we ever grow. Possibly someone who knows more about the new cards than I do. I'll announce it should I ever require one, but if you're interested in the position, feel free to approach me.